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The Grandvalira Andorran ski resort has become the epicenter of freestyle snowboarding this weekend with the arrival of the 13th edition of Grandvalira Total Fight, an Elite event within the World Snowboard Tour circuit.

Riders from the United States, Canada, Japan, Chile, Russia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain and Andorra have presented their credentials to fight for victory in El Tarter Slopestyle, Andorra. Alongside the men’s competition, for the first time has taken place the women’s competition.

On Sunday, March 26, the sun welcomed Grandvalira Total Fight with unbeatable conditions, clear sky and ideal temperatures to keep the course in perfect condition; also thanks to the exquisite work of the shapers of Grandvalira.

The technical team of Grandvalira prepared a Slopestyle circuit composed of 6 obstacles: The first, a transfer to Double Kink Rail. The second, multi options container with Wallride, Rail Gap to Step Up. The third one, Gap to rail with option of Quarter Butter Box and Rail Donkey Tail. The fourth, a 21 meter flat kicker. The fifth, a 18 meters flat kicker. The sixth and final, another 18 meter flat kicker.

After the free practice, the females started the competition with a qualifying session where they would fight to be among the 4 best that would advance to the grand finale. With two qualifying rounds remaining, the best score in this session would be for Dutch Cheryl Maas, with a very complete second round. They would accompany it to the grand finale and by this order of classification: the Japanese Yuka Fujimori, the Canadians Brooke Voigt and Laurie Blouin.

In the men’s qualifying session, in group 1, the Norwegian Bendik Gjerdalen, the American Eric Willet and the Japanese Ruki Tobita would make it to the final. In Group 2, in this order, the American Nikolas Baden – with a first demolishing round, the Japanese Keita Inamura, Hiroaki Kunitake and Kaito Hamada, as well as the American Brandon Davis, would advance to the final.

With the finals, the moment of truth came. Three rounds for each rider looking for the best score. For the women, Laurie Blouin put down her best run which consisted of a bs lipslide – 50/50 tailgrab – bs 50/50 – bs 180 melon – cab double cork 900 – Fs 720. She was accompanied on the podium by Brooke Voigt, Yuka Fujimori and in fourth position, Cheryl Maas.

After her victory, the Canadian Laurie Blouin commented: “It has been incredible, the day was beautiful I put down my best tricks. The course was fun, allowing different options. I’m very happy. ”

In the men’s final, the 15-year-old Japanese Hiroaki Kunitake would surprise all his opponents with a massive first run which consisted of a Noseblunt 270 out – boardslide to fs 360 – 50/50 fs 180 up – cab 270 to fakie – cab double cork 900 – fs double cork 1080 – bs double cork 1080. He was accompanied on the podium by Eric Willet, Keita Inamura and Nikolas Baden in fourth.

Kunitake commented after winning this edition of Grandvalira Total Fight: “I’m happy, I liked the course a lot and I’m stoked how Grandvalira has taken care of us all this weekend.”

The Grandvalira Total Fight prize money breakdown goes as follows: total of $ 60,000; $ 30,000 for the top eight men and $ 30,000 for the top eight women.

As every year, Grandvalira Total Fight is famous for its àpres ski in the popular L’Abarset. On Saturday night it was time for the Monster Total Fight Party with live performance of the Crappy Tuesdays, playing the best Indie and Electro Pop music from the factory Nasty Mondays.

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